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A headshot of WXG speaker, Filipe Macedo

Filipe Macedo

Founder & Creator, Agency Safari
Taking a break from his busy life as an engineer, DJ and CMO at a Portuguese marketing agency, Filipe embarked on a bold and brave mission: to travel the globe and visit 50 of the world’s most innovative ad firms.
His creation, Agency Safari, aims to shed some light on the future of ad agencies, documenting the habits of our planet’s wildest creatives. Most agencies are a bit like caged animals, limited by traditional corporate structures and the pressure to maximise shareholder wealth. But others still run free, on the outskirts of the industry. Filipe calls them 'wild agencies'. Join him as he shares the findings of his expedition. Prior to his current roles, Filipe worked at KPMG as a consultant, was featured in Nike’s 2010 ‘Bleed Your Colors’ campaign and won the Young Lions Competition, where creative stars go head-to-head.