Are we really building a better world with technology?

Technology can be clever. It can be cool. It can be creative. But to truly make a difference, we must use technology for good.

Now in its seventh year, 2019’s WXG will explore smart cities, sustainability, accessibility, AI in healthcare, technology in sport, and much more.

  • Picture of Chris Todhunter

    Chris Todhunter

    Founder & Technical Director, Studio Republic

    Chris is founder and technical director of Studio Republic and has worked in web development for longer than he cares to admit. His baby, Studio Republic, is well into its teens now. Like most teenagers, Studio Republic has been exploring its identity and where it fits in the world. The Studio has become focused on sustainability and social justice: making great work for the good people of the world.

    A reluctant public speaker, Chris is occasionally farmed out by the Studio to give industry talks on first steps to sustainability. His raw honesty and candid approach to failure help to make sustainability a possibility.

  • Picture of Miranda McCarthy

    Miranda McCarthy

    Founder, Wavelength VR

    Wavelength VR founder Miranda McCarthy has been a lifelong patient. Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, she has undergone multiple joint replacement surgeries and lived with chronic pain her entire life. At the age of ten, Miranda developed her own technique for distracting her brain from pain using visualisation and a simple breathing exercise. 30 years later she’s finally able to transfer this knowledge by merging it with technology.

    Miranda now has the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading authorities in VR to create BEYOND, a VR experience for pain management aimed at children suffering from chronic pain.

  • Picture of Professor Steve Haake

    Professor Steve Haake

    Sports Engineer, Sheffield Hallam University

    Steve Haake established sports engineering as a worldwide discipline and went on to lead the largest academic research centre of its kind in the world. Steve worked with UK Sport from 2000 and led a team as a UK Sport Innovation Partner between 2008 and 2012, helping create performance-improving technologies for Olympic teams.

    He presented two Canadian documentaries that looked at the effect of technology on sport and has appeared on BBC, Channel 4, and radio programmes across the world as well as writing for New Scientist, Times Higher Education and Physics World. He is author of Advantage Play: Technologies that changed Sporting History.

  • Picture of Dr Tamer Shahin

    Dr Tamer Shahin

    Founder and CEO, Mimitec

    Tamer is the CEO of Mimitec – a UK digital mental health company that has recently received Innovate UK government funding for innovation. He's been independently named as one of the top 18 global influencers shaping digital health and has appeared on many media platforms including Forbes and Sky News.

    Tamer's passion is entrepreneurship and innovation. He's fascinated by what drives the human mind and is on a mission to make the world a better place using meaningful technologies that make a significant impact on peoples' lives. Tamer founded Mimitec in memory of a dear friend, and shares that story with us at WXG 7.


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